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I am Calvin Cheung.

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I’m Calvin, a photographer and filmmaker based in London.

I've been shooting cameras seriously for ten years, and cover all aspects of video production from inception to delivery, through different styles of video including promotional videos, corporate films, event coverage, and commercials. Whilst I do a lot of one-person filming jobs, larger fully crewed jobs are also covered in larger scale productions.


I work with the latest camera technology that enables us to create beautiful-looking videos across challenging lighting conditions, shooting with the latest Sony cameras and have a whole suite of audio and lighting equipment on offer.  I am also A2CofC qualified to fly drones and a drone capable of 4K aerial shots that establish scenes incredibly well.

As you might be able to tell from my showreel, cycling is another passion of mine besides telling stories through cameras. I've ridden bikes since an early age and compete and am very active in the international cycling community. Through cameras and bikes together, they have helped give me a unique way of seeing and interacting with the world around me. Themes and areas that particularly concern me are those with people, place and planet. 

At the heart of my work lies my passion for creating video content that drives positive social change and makes the world a better place. As a business, I try to be as green as possible and we’re aiming to get as close to carbon net zero filmmaking as we can. From computer use to charging batteries, the energy we use is from 100% renewable sources and I also travel to all of my shoots and projects in my electric vehicle, or by bike and avoiding air travel where possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

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